Almost 3,261 people are homeless in Alabama. With an average temperature of about 40 degrees during winter nights, our homeless neighbors may find difficulty having access to warmer clothing.

That’s where the #STRAPPEDBRAND #haveaheart campaign comes in.

We have a responsibility in our community to make sure we give back whenever possible and we invite you to join us. For every hoodie sold from the Have a Heart collection, we will donate a hoodie to our neighbors that need it during these cold winter nights. Our goal is to donate AT LEAST 100 hoodies this winter.

Also, During this campaign we sat down with Celida Soto, Anti-Hunger Advocate & Community Organizer to share the importance of being involved & giving back to the community.

This video also features our #HaveAHeart hoodie, which is our newest community awareness campaign. With every purchase of this hoodie we will donate a hoodie to our homeless neighbors. Visit our site to order and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

See the full interview here: https://youtu.be/WbRUsiNzTjg